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Participating in sports and exercise as a couple can do fantastic for your relationship. You may find mental joy in achieving common workout objectives and developing teamwork skills can also be great for your partnership. Sharing in a sport you both enjoy will not only improve your physical fitness, it will can also build further trust into your relationship. It’s important to  find a sport that will suit you both, in terms of your fitness and confidence, maybe choose something that neither of you have done before. 

Below are two fun suggestions that might be worth a go. 


A good way to heighten your romance and fitness is through couples dancing. Even if the dance floor is crowded, it’s time for just the two of you. For couples who would like to improve communication in their relationships, couples dancing is a good recipe! 

It’s a lot of fun and gives you a great workout, but besides the physical benefits, there are other reasons to choose dance.  Dancing helps you relax and relieves stress and anxiety. Dance provides a mental break from the rest of your day. When you enter a dance class, troubles are left at the door. Why not share this experience with the one you love?

There are many dance styles to learn. The waltz is generally considered the easiest, so it’s probably the best one to start with. It’s a slow, smooth dance and only uses four steps. Once you have your confidence up, you may want to try other forms of dance, such as the tango, the foxtrot or the high tempo salsa. 

Book into a dance studio, get moving and see how your relationship benefits. Once you have learnt a few moves you can practice at home in the lounge room or outside under the stars.


A sport for those who love the outdoors but not one that will place too much strain on the body. It requires attention to detail, providing you with time to think long and hard about where you want that ball to go. Golf is relatively a peaceful sport and generally the courses are tranquil locations where you can listen to the birds chirping between hits. 

There are numerous scenic golf courses in Australia and when you’re not playing on your local course, you can have a game when you’re away from home or even embark on a golfing holiday, combining sport with sightseeing. This sport involves lots of walking at your own pace, and you can opt for nine holes rather than 18 if you are rushed for time or still building up your fitness. 

Start with a few lessons or tips from a golfing enthusiast. Before you buy a set of clubs, which can be expensive (you can purchase good second-hand equipment), we recommend you hire clubs until you know that this is a sport you both enjoy and want to continue with.  

Whatever sport you choose you need to be patient with one another. Remember the reason why you are something new and having fun together.

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