Hopewood Editorial Policy

Our purpose

All content on this website is owned and managed by Hopewood Health Centre Pty. Ltd. (Hopewood).

Hopewood is a destination for the latest news, expert knowledge, and information about health and wellbeing. We strive to bring our 55 years’ experience in the natural health industry to our readers in order to provide everything they need to know to live a healthier, happier life.

Hopewood is all about helping people understand and maximise their unique, inner potential for good health and wellbeing….and supporting them to achieve it.

The Hopewood philosophy promotes vegetarianism, plenty of water and freshly prepared juices, food combining, regular exercise and relaxation.  It also emphasises the power of fresh air and spending some time in our natural environment. To us, living the Hopewood philosophy means an achievable and sustainable lifestyle, which helps people feel more energetic, reach and maintain a healthy weight, manage stress and get more out of life.

We take our position as a voice of authority on natural health and wellbeing seriously, and commit to only publishing content which has been researched by our expert team.