Lani Saraswati

With a background in nursing and health promotion, Lani Saraswati has been promoting the natural health principals which underpin the Hopewood philosophy for two decades.

Lani boasts a long working relationship of 20 years with Hopewood Health Centre – Australia’s first and foremost Health Retreat.

Conducting workshops and lectures on topical subjects from “Mind Your Stress” to “Finding your Life’s Path”, “Creating Positive Change” and “Yogic Philosophy”, Lani has interacted with thousands of people during the course of her career, and has empathy and understanding for the many needs and challenges that we experience on life’s journey.

She has also owned her own successful day spa – “Body Language” – on Sydney’s lower North Shore, where she promoted natural health and food combining for weight loss and natural beauty.

Lani continues to offer her sound experience in natural health by writing articles for Hopewoods’ Lifestyle website, as well as hosting regular detox retreats in Bali where she now resides.

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