Robyn Chuter

Robyn Chuter is a naturopath, counsellor and EFT therapist who specialises in helping people reverse serious and chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions, heart disease and chronic fatigue syndrome, using a plant-based diet and emotional healing.

Her other speciality is helping people who suffer from emotional eating, food addiction and poor body image to have a healthy relationship with food and with themselves.

During her time at Hopewood Health Centre, Robyn ran Stress Management and Weight Release programs and took care of guests on Health Care programs.

Robyn’s dual background as a physical and mental health professional uniquely equips her to help her clients bridge the gap between knowing what to do to be healthy and happy, and actually doing it. She goes way beyond simply educating her clients about the changes they need to make in order to overcome disease and achieve optimal health. She works intensively with her clients to get them past their own psychological, behavioural and social barriers to change, so they can implement what she teaches them and reap the many benefits.

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