Immune and in tune!

As winter quickly approaches the influx of colds and flu begin! A great way to kick-start your immune system is fresh, raw fruit and vegetables.

Why not try a few of our healthy juice recipes?

If you’re interested in something a little more concentrated you might prefer to try a detox.

How to tell if detoxing is right for you
If you answer yes to any of the following, a natural detox program could be beneficial for you.

Do you:

  • Suffer from stress?
  • Eat pre-packaged foods?
  • Eat takeaway foods?
  • Use artificial sweeteners?
  • Drink coffee?
  • Consume excess sugar?
  • Smoke or drink alcohol?
  • Work or live in an environment where chemicals are used?
  • Use household cleansers?
  • Use a microwave?
  • Use plastic containers to store food?
  • Use cosmetics or personal body items which, contain chemicals, preservatives or parabens

Detoxing assists our organs to work more effectively and has anti-ageing benefits. Juice and water fasting is the best way to kick start a natural detox program.

If you answered yes, keep an eye out for our next article on all you need to know about detoxing.

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