How to give yourself an at home steam facial

The benefits of facial steaming

Healthy skin starts at the pores. The pores are where dirt and toxins are trapped just waiting to burst into blackheads and blemishes. To clean effectively, we need to open the pores gently and removed dirt from the inside. A Steam Facial is perfect for this.

Open up the pores

The steam will gently heat your face and make you sweat. This sweat will open your pores up slowly and loosen the dirt trapped inside.

Increase blood flow

This added heat will also expand the blood vessels in your skin and increase circulation. Doing so supports the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

It releases toxins

Your sweat from the heat will also release any toxins that were lurking behind your skin. The heat will also soften your skin.

Help you to relax

When done correctly using lemon and essential oils, steam facials can be a fantastic way to relax. Covering your face with soft, hot air and filling your nostrils with delightful scents would relax anyone!

How to do it yourself

Our method for steam facials is straightforward. All you will need is a large bowl, big enough to encompass your face. You’ll need some boiling water and your favourite essential oils. We think lavender and lemon work best for this application. You may also need a warm towel, but this is not essential.

Add your oils into the bowl and cover with boiling water until the bowl is about half full. Then place your face over the bowl and breath in deeply. Drape a towel over your head to trap in the steam and add to the effect.

A steam facial is a perfect start to an at-home beauty treatment as it will prepare your skin for cleansers, exfoliants and other therapies.

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