A little juice therapy?

If you feel yourself developing a few bad eating habits at home, a fresh juice program may help.

Fresh juice can promote clearing of metabolic waste products and accelerate healing. Juices also provide nutrient support, being rich in easily absorbed and assimilated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients.

Fresh juice is referred to as ‘live’ food because it contains active enzymes. Once absorbed by the body, the fruit begins to establish a better acid / alkaline balance within the body.

Juicing can also improve:
• Kidney, liver and immune function
• Skin conditions
• Cholesterol and blood pressure
• Joint and muscular aches, and
• Energy and mental clarity.

Juicing also helps cleanse your system while enabling your digestion to take some much-needed ‘time out’ from the hard work of processing a normal diet. It’s a great way to give your gut a chance to start healing itself.

So, start juicing your favourite fruits and veggies!

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