The key to your happiness

The key to your happiness

Have you uttered the words “I’ll be happy when…”? We often think that happiness comes from external sources such as material goods, relationships and work. But this belief can actually prevent us from being happy. 

Stop, take a minute and reflect on where you are in this moment. Where you’ve come from and all the achievements you’ve made along the way, however small. 

It’s important to have goals and ideals to strive towards, but it’s also vital for your wellbeing to be comfortable and accepting of where and who you are along the way.

There may be an infinite number of boxes you can tick off to achieve your ideal happiness but if you do not acknowledge yourself and those around you, your journey to happiness may be an endless one. 

Take the time to care and love yourself. Learn to accept your curves, your aloneness, your complexion and understand what makes you, uniquely you.  

Tomorrow could bring a plethora of outcomes so why not learn to accept today for what it is? You have little control over what the future may hold and, in the instance that life doesn’t go your way, you’ll know how to swing with the punches and take each moment as it comes. 

Don’t wait for tomorrow to take that yoga class you’ve always wanted to try, bake that carrot cake (even if you’re not a master chef in the kitchen) or apply for that job you’ve always wanted. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Strive for progress, not perfection! 

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