Hopewood’s seasonal sago pudding

Hopewood seasonal sago pudding

The festive season can be a challenging time to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Here’s a fantastic healthy Hopewood recipe for our favourite seasonal pudding.

• 4 tbsp of sago
• 2 eggs
• 1 cup brown sugar
• 1 cup milk
• 4 tbsp unsalted butter
• 2 cups wholemeal breadcrumbs
• 2 cups mixed sultanas, raisins and apricots
1. Soak sago in 1 cup of water overnight.
2. Beat eggs, then mix in brown sugar, milk, softened butter, breadcrumbs, and dried fruit.
3. Stir in the sago.
4. Place in a lightly buttered pudding steamer, or a buttered pudding bowl tightly covered, and steam for 3-4 hours.
5. Place on a rack and cool.
6. Wrap in baking paper and foil to store.
7. Store in a cool place or in the fridge. Use within a few days.

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