The Christmas holidays are all about spending valuable time with friends, family and loved ones. But there’s no reason these celebrations should come at the cost of the environment. There are so many ways you enjoy the festive season while saving energy and avoiding waste. 



When selecting Christmas decorations consider natural materials and avoid plastic. You can even make some fantastic eco-friendly decorations yourself that won’t break the bank. Some things you should consider when selecting decorations are:

1.What’s it made of? 

Sticking to recyclable or compostable materials means you won’t be creating a big eco footprint each Christmas. Avoid plastic, polystyrene or easily broken glass. 

2.How long will it last? 

Using compostable materials like dried orange garlands, leaves and organic materials means you can use new decorations each year. If you opt for a decoration in durable glass, porcelain or ceramic, make sure you love the decoration and can use it year after year. It’s best to completely avoid plastic and polystyrene.

3.Can I up-cycle my old decorations into new ones? 

It can be a fun DIY project to up-cycle old decorations. You might want to add a coat of paint or see what you can create out of an old wreath or mason jar. 


Christmas Tips and Ideas

Here are our top tips to be more eco-friendly this Christmas:

  • Avoid lights or use LED in your decorations to reduce your energy use for the season
  • Save paper by sending E-cards instead of traditional cards
  • Use recycled wrapping paper or make your own
  • Put out a separate bin for recyclables while entertaining
  • Compost your leftovers
  • Avoid using plastic disposable cutlery and napkins- use cloth and washable plates or wooden and paper alternatives
  • Hang onto Christmas paper for crafts and upcycling into decorations
  • Don’t over supply food or decorations