Staying on track while you’re on the road – Part 2

Evading Hotel Traps
The first thing you should do is clear all the soft drinks, mini-milk cartons and alcohol out of the bar fridge and replace it with fresh fruit, salads, hummus, and any other healthy foods!
We recommend booking self-contained accommodation, so you have your own cooking facilities. If you can, travel with plastic plates, bowls, cutlery, a sharp knife and a flexible chopping mat. These will encourage you to buy and make your own healthy food rather than having to eat restaurant prepared food at every meal.
Visit the local grocery and stock up on some fresh ingredients, but if none are available a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, cans of beans and tomatoes are food alternatives. You can easily throw together a nutritious meal in 10 minutes or less.
Try to book a hotel with an in-house gym so you can fit in an early-morning workout. Exercise is the ideal stress-buster and sanity-saver, so try and keep this habit alive while you’re traveling.

Whenever possible, hire a bike to get around or just take a walk. Walking and cycling are always better ways of experiencing a new destination than whizzing past the sights in a car or bus.

Article from Hopewood contributor Robyn Chuter.

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