What is food combining?

8 March, 2018

Have you seen the term ‘food combining’ and wondered what it is? Hopewood has a long tradition with food combining. Put simply, food combining means separating starch and protein foods, which helps rest your digestive system. Food combining is useful, particularly if you have been unwell or overindulged as it can greatly assist the body’s natural healing processes, aid digestion, boost your energy levels and give a sense of vitality.

Arranging your food intake into certain groups will help you digest and absorb meals more easily and enables your body to effectively utilise these vitamins and minerals.

Hopewood’s food-combining chart was carefully developed by natural health experts and is a ready reference for menu planning. It categorises most foods into their appropriate food groups.

To make it even easier – all of the recipes in Hopewood’s beautiful lifestyle publication are indicated for food combining. You can find out more about the book here.

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