How to refresh your space

Now that we’ve entered a new season, you may feel the urge to tidy up and rearrange your surroundings. Changing your surroundings can affect your mental and physical wellbeing. For example, clearing your physical space can help clear your mind.

Here are some tips on how to refresh your space:

Put fresh wildflowers in the room – with flowers coming into bloom, now is the perfect time to add them into your home. Harvard University conducted a behavioural study that found having flowers in a home can lead to increased feelings of compassion, reduced anxiety and worry, and have a positive effect on people’s moods.

Rearrange your furniture – changing the furniture around in a room can make it feel new and lively. The current arrangement might not be as functional anymore, for example if you’re exercising at home more, you may want to rearrange your furniture so you have more room to move about. You may even find some lost items in the process.

Reorganise items – it’s easy for clutter to build up. Taking the time to go through and organise items can help you to take stock of what you have, clear space and make things easier to find. If you’ve purchased more books recently, you could arrange them on the side of your desk against the wall and use ornaments or pot plants as bookends to keep them in place.

Not only can it give you a sense of satisfaction to change your surroundings, but it can help to boost your productivity and your mood.

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