Create resolutions that last

It’s the beginning of the year and time to set some New Year’s resolutions. Too often, we reach February and find we’ve already given up on everything we promised ourselves just one month earlier. You don’t need to let that happen this year! Here are some tips to ensure your New Year’s resolutions stick.

Start now
There’s no time like the present. If you start the New Year off by saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ you never will! Find something that you can do today that leads towards your goals. If you want to exercise more, go for a walk; if you want to improve your career, sit down and write a plan; or if you want to improve your diet, cook something healthy and delicious from Hopewood!

Make one change at a time
It’s important to realise whatever New Year’s resolutions you have made and whatever goals you have set for yourself, they won’t be achieved overnight. Take one step in the right direction every day. Make one change at a time. Be patient and enjoy the process of working towards making the resolutions part of your life!

Break it up
If your resolutions involve major changes, it may seem fairly daunting, so break your goal into smaller parts. Create a mini goal for each month of the year and work towards that.

Celebrate the small successes
Breaking down your goals and making small changes one at a time will mean you have more to celebrate! Make sure that whilst you continue working on your goals, you also step back and realise how far you’ve come! At the end of each month take a moment to reflect on what you’ve achieved and how much closer you are now to your ultimate resolution!

Join forces
Finally, you’ll be much more likely to achieve your resolution if you share your goal with friends and let them encourage you along the way! Recruit some of your friends and family to work on a goal with you. It’ll also be a great excuse to meet up frequently to report back or work on it together!

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