Autumn selfcare

There is nothing more frustrating in the cooler months than the feeling of dry hair and skin. That’s why, as it cools down, keeping up with your selfcare routine is more important then ever. We have put together some of our top tips for looking after your skin and hair this autumn.

Skincare Tips

1. Invest in a good moisturiser 

One of the most important steps in any skincare routine is a quality moisturiser. Try products containing Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that adds much needed moisture to the skin. Every person’s skin has different needs and requirements, so we recommend talking to an expert.

2. Exfoliate

As our skin gets drier it’s important to exfoliate the dry layer. Skin brushing benefits our pores which can get clogged and it works to remove what our cleanser may have missed. Removing this outer layer can also help moisturisers absorb better and keeps our skin looking and feeling fresh.

3. Stay hydrated

Skincare goes past what we put on our skin, it’s also about looking after our body through what we consume. Drinking plenty of water and having a healthy diet can do wonders for our skin. Staying hydrated, eating fresh, mostly raw fruit and veggies and avoiding processed and greasy foods is vital to maintaining healthy looking skin that feels great.

Haircare Tips

1. Get an autumn trim

Nothing marks the start of a season more than a fresh haircut. Trimming off dead ends does wonders for the look and feel of our hair, especially after the heat of summer. A good trim will promote healthy hair growth and make it easier to maintain.

2. Use a hair treatment

While we all tend to get lazy with our hair and stick to the usual routine, your hair will be thanking you for going the extra mile in the colder months. Including a hair treatment in your monthly hair care routine will really help to rejuvenate your hair and keep it hydrated. 

3. Limit heat styling

Using heat styling tools in the cooler months might seem necessary, but it is recommended to avoid them where possible because they can dry and damage hair, especially if your hair becomes more brittle in the cooler months. Wash your hair earlier to allow it to dry naturally and, when you do use heat styling tools, remember to add a heat protecting product to your damp hair first. 

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