Farmers markets

This week when you’re stocking up on fresh produce, we recommend heading to your local farmers markets. They allow you to try exciting products from small suppliers you may not find on a supermarket shelf. Buying directly from a local farmer often means fresher produce. 


There are numerous farmers markets across Australia that allow you the chance to meet some of the people who grew your food. This provides a great opportunity to build connections between consumers and food producers in the buying and selling process. 


Key Benefits:


Support farmers:

Farmers face numerous challenges including worker shortages, difficult weather and other unforeseen disruptions. Connecting and buying directly from farmers is a great way to show your support and lift their spirits. 



Farmers markets are a fantastic community event that allow locals to connect. Getting out and socialising with people in your area is a great mood booster and a way to be more involved in the community.  



Farmers markets are a great way to lower your environmental impact. It is a much simpler process between food producers and consumers, meaning less resources are used. Many sellers also partake in organic practices and use less packaging on the produce. 


Seasonal produce:

Don’t know what produce is in season? Farmers markets will solve this for you. You will be able to see what produce is fresh and base your weekly meals around the cycles of nature in your region. Fresh produce is also tastier and you will know it hasn’t been sitting in storage for long periods of time.

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