Sustainable clothing

Are you trying to make your wardrobe more sustainable but are unsure where to start?

The average lifecycle of clothing items has decreased, with trends changing quickly and affordable clothing readily available online. But fast fashion has devastating consequences on both the environment and the people involved in manufacturing the products.

Choosing more eco-friendly clothing items may cost more to begin with, but the clothes will likely last longer and reduce harm to the environment.

So how can you improve your shopping and fashion habits?

Buy the right materials:

  • Select clothing made from natural fibres rather than synthetic fibres. Synthetic materials include polyester, nylon, spandex and acrylic. Natural or organic fibres include cotton, wool, hemp and bamboo.
  • Select inks and dyes that are non-toxic, natural or vegetable-based.

Buy less:

Even eco-friendly clothing uses resources for production and transport, creating some environmental impact. The best way we can reduce our impact is by purchasing less clothing, especially if it’s non-essential.

Consider the brand:

Look for sustainable brands and conduct thorough research to ensure the brands you choose are not creating a false narrative about their sustainable practices (green-washing). Particularly consider the environmental and social impact of their production practices.

Buy better quality:

Take time to examine the quality of the garment you are purchasing. If an item is well made, it will last longer which is good both our wallets and the environment.

Donate or recycle old clothing:

Never throw old clothing into you bin, this just contributes to landfill. Instead:

  • Try to repair them
  • Donate your clothes
  • Sell them on a local marketplace
  • Put them in a textile recycling bin

Buy second hand or rent clothing

Instead of buying new clothing, consider these alternatives:

  • Go vintage stores shopping: browse through local second-hand shops, or online…You could find a divine and fabulous original that you’re never going see on someone else at a party!
  • Rent clothes: It can be easy to purchase a brand-new outfit for an event, but renting can be a much better option. There are many online rental companies with fantastic outfits you can wear – for work or weddings and everything in between – without the hassle of getting it cleaned or taking up space in your wardrobe.

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