Eat well this festive season

Eat well this festive season

Christmas is a time filled with delicious foods and lots of socialising. It’s important to not stress too much if you don’t stick to your usual healthy diet during this time. However, if you do want to make healthy choices, we have a few ideas-


Bring a salad or vegetables

It’s common to be asked to bring something to share for Christmas events. Try to bring a salad or some vegetables you can enjoy and then you can fill your plate with something healthy.


Choose sparkling water over sugary drinks

While soft drinks and other sugary drinks might be tempting, sparkling water is still super refreshing and you can add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime for more flavour.


Aim for weight maintenance

It can be unrealistic to try and lose weight over the festive season. If losing weight is your long termgoal, it’s important to consider whether maintaining weight is more realistic over the Christmas period. You can resume working towards your original goal in the new year.


Make fruit-based desserts

Christmas in summer means lots of delicious fresh fruit. Be sure to incorporate these fruits into your desserts. You could use mango, fresh berries, melons and more.

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