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  • Our recipes – we are what we eat!

    Our recipes – we are what we eat!

    We all know how important it is to eat healthy food but, with the frantic pace of life these days, very few of us have time to spend hours in the kitchen preparing fresh, healthy meals. Hopewood’s delicious vegetarian cuisine is renowned for its flair, creativity and deliciousness. Hopewood’s proven natural health philosophy advocates an [… Read the full article.]

  • Losing weight: A beginner’s guide

    Losing weight: A beginner’s guide

    People gain weight for many reasons, however in our experience it occurs as a result of bad digestion, stress, poor food and lifestyle choices. It’s not about ‘dieting’ its about healthy food choices If you want to lose weight the most important thing is to make the right food choices. It’s not about counting calories and weighing [… Read the full article.]

  • Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)

    Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense)

    Originating from Europe, northern Asia and Africa, red clovers use goes back centuries, the flowers are the main parts used. It is a rich source of many valuable nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. Red clover is a blood purifier and is often used to clear up skin conditions [… Read the full article.]

  • Hopewood’s natural health philosophy

    Hopewood’s natural health philosophy

    We’re about living healthy the natural way! Hopewood provided its natural health and wellbeing guidance and support at our health retreat for 55 years. Thousands of guests benefited from learning to live a Hopewood lifestyle….and now you can too! The Hopewood philosophy promotes vegetarianism, plenty of water and freshly prepared juices, food combining, regular exercise and relaxation. [… Read the full article.]

  • Food combining

    Food combining

    Hopewood has a long tradition with food combining. Put simply, Food combining means separating starch and protein foods – which helps to rest the digestive system. Food combining can greatly assist the body’s natural healing processes, aid digestion, boost energy levels and give a wonderful feeling of vitality. Food combining is useful, particularly if you [… Read the full article.]


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