Autumn harvest delights

Autumn harvest delights

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, autumn heralds the arrival of a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables in Australia. From vibrant pumpkins and sweet persimmons to crisp apples and juicy grapes, autumn brings an array of flavours and colours to delight the senses. Join us as we explore the seasonal treasures of the autumn harvest and discover the culinary delights that await this autumn.

  1. Apples: Autumn marks the peak season for apples in Australia, with orchards across the country bursting with a variety of crisp and juicy apples. From the classic Granny Smith with its tartness to the sweet and aromatic Pink Lady, there’s an apple to suit every taste bud. Enjoy them fresh as a wholesome snack, or incorporate them into pies, crumbles, and sauces for a taste of autumnal bliss.
  2. Pumpkins: Nothing says autumn quite like the sight of pumpkins adorning farmers’ markets and grocery stores. Versatile and nutritious, pumpkins are a staple for this season’s cuisine, beloved for their rich taste and creamy texture. Whether roasted, pureed into soups, or baked into savory dishes, pumpkins add a touch of warmth and comfort to autumn meals, making them a must-have ingredient for seasonal cooking.
  3. Persimmons: With their vibrant orange hue and sweet, honeyed flavour, persimmons are a true autumn delicacy in Australia. These versatile fruits can be enjoyed fresh as a refreshing snack or sliced into salads for a burst of sweetness. For a decadent treat, try baking them into cakes, tarts, or puddings, allowing their natural sweetness to shine in every bite.
  4. Grapes: Autumn heralds the peak season for grapes in Australia, offering a tantalising array of varieties to savour. From seedless red and green grapes to more exotic varieties like muscat and sultana, there’s a grape for every palate. Enjoy them fresh as a light and refreshing snack, or transform them into jams, jellies, and preserves to capture the essence of autumn’s bounty.
  5. Cauliflower: As the weather cools, cauliflower comes into season, offering a versatile and nutritious addition to autumn menus. With its mild flavour and tender texture, cauliflower can be roasted, steamed, mashed, or grilled, allowing for endless culinary creativity. Try it as a hearty side dish pepped with turmeric, toss it into salads, or use it as a low-carb alternative to rice or pizza crust for a healthy twist on autumn classics.
  6. Brussels sprouts: Love them or hate them, Brussels sprouts are an iconic autumn vegetable that deserves a place on your plate. These miniature cabbages boast a nutty flavour and tender texture when roasted or sautéed, making them a delicious accompaniment to autumn meals. Pair them with bacon, maple syrup, or balsamic vinegar for a savory-sweet taste combination that’s sure to please.

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