Brighten up your face masks

For most of us, wearing face masks has become the new normal. It’s an important way to protect the community and keep everyone safe and healthy.

We understand face masks can be bothersome at times and make it difficult to connect with others. But rather than see them as a burden, we can learn to embrace them and even have fun with them. We’ve listed some ways to brighten up your face masks.

Invest in funky prints – rather than sticking to a plain, boring mask that just does the job, why not invest in a mask with a unique and exciting design? There are a wide variety of face masks with quirky patterns and prints that you can purchase online. Choose a design to express your personality, show your sense of humour, or just to brighten someone’s day.

Make your own – if you’re feeling crafty, you could try making your own face mask. There are plenty of resources online to guide you. You don’t have to spend lots of money or use fancy sewing equipment. There are lots of simple methods that only require some fabric and elastic. You can even recycle items in your home such as old clothes or bandanas.

Get decorating – you may prefer to jazz up a face mask you already have and add your own creative flair. If you have disposable face masks, you could use coloured markers and stickers to create your own unique design. If you have a plain cloth mask, you could tie-dye it or decorate it with fabric paints and appliqued embellishments.

Whatever you decide, ensure you use safe materials that won’t obstruct your breathing and are okay to go in the wash. While we may not be able to see people’s faces while wearing face masks, we can brighten them up by adding personal touches to the ones we wear.

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