Sneak more fitness into your day

Don’t have time for more than 30 minutes of exercise in the day? Good news! On top of all the other amazing benefits that come with moving your body, just 30 minutes of fitness a day has the power to decrease stress and optimise your health. 

Daily activity is crucial for a healthy mind and body. Rather than trying to cram more gym and exercise time into your already busy day, here are three simple ways to sneak some extra fitness in and add more movement into your current routine:

  1. Walk it out – There are many ways to add some extra steps into your day. Try walking to work – get off the bus two stops early or park your car a block further away. Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. 
  1. Remember to move – set a reminder for every 60 minutes and remember to move. Stand and stretch or walk around the office. You’ll be amazed how taking the time to reset will help you feel refreshed. 
  1. Sit/stand/get on the ball – Swapping out your regular office chair for a stability ball is a sneaky way to strengthen your core. Investing in a sit-stand desk can also be a great option. While standing compared to sitting may not seem like much, a desk attachment that enables you to sit/stand throughout your day can help you burn extra calories, strengthen your core, and tighten your leg muscles.

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