Get gardening this autumn

Gardening is good for the soul. It encourages us to get outside, enjoy nature, and benefit from watching your plants flourish. In a world that revolves around technology, taking time away from devices to breathe in fresh air and get some vitamin D is so important.

Whether you have experience, have a large or small space to work with, there are plants suitable for everyone. Maybe you want to grow herbs, start a veggie garden, plant some new flowers or grow some orchard trees. Seeing the outcomes of your own hard work is motivating and can have a positive impact on our mental health. Gardening is also a form of exercise as it requires various kinds of movement. 

Wondering what to grow in autumn? It really depends on the climate of your area, but here are some options.

For Tropical and Equatorial Zones like Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory now is the time to plant herbs like basil, parsley and garlic, as well as fruit and vegetables like carrots, beetroot, onions, melons and so much more.

For Cool Temperate and Alpine Zones like Canberra and Tasmania it is time to plant herbs like rosemary, garlic, chives, and fruit and vegetables like beetroots, broccoli, potatoes and lettuce.

For the Mediterranean Zone which includes Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth it is time for herbs like parsley, oregano, coriander and chives, and fruit and vegetables including avocado, lemon, spinach and peas.

For the Warm Temperate Zone including coastal areas of NSW and Victoria it is time to plant herbs like parsley, garlic and marjoram, and fruit and vegetables like brussels sprouts, green beans, rockmelon and parsnips.

For Desert and Grassland Zones of the outback and central Australia herbs like dill, garlic and rosemary can be planted as well as fruit and vegetables like kale, tomatoes, radishes and squash.

Finally for the Subtropical Zone which includes South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, it is time for herbs like lavender, parsley, sage, rosemary and fruit and vegetables like chillies, eggplant, lychee and peas.

We recommend visiting your local nursery, for more advice on what to plant and to get started. Happy gardening, it truly is good for the mind, body and soul. 

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