Snow season

Happy snow season! For those of us who love spending time on the slopes, now is the perfect time of year to travel to the mountains. Maybe you’re a beginner who wants to give snow sports a go, and if you need any convincing, here are some of the health benefits of winter sports.


Building your cardio

Winter sports improve your cardiovascular health. Better yet, it often won’t even feel like hard work! Gravity carries you down a slope and the higher altitude means your body needs to work harder during exercise.

Strengthens muscles 

Skiing works muscles you didn’t know existed, strengthening muscle groups other activities can’t. Downhill skiing targets quadriceps, hamstrings, hip, and foot muscles. Cross-country skiing is more reliant on the upper body so it works the triceps and biceps, gluteus maximus and thigh muscles.

Boosts your balance

Winter sports boost your balance and coordination as you learn to stay in control and upright. This also does wonders in strengthening your core.

Reduces mental stress

Getting out in the crisp fresh alpine air and taking in spectacular views is guaranteed to reduce stress. Learning a new skill can also be motivating and will leave you feeling content.

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