It is no secret that many people do not enjoy flying. Many of us have flown less over the last few years, which may have increased our flying anxiety. However, flying is a necessity for those of us who enjoy travelling and exploring destinations.  Here are some ways to transform your flying experience.

1. Exercise just before flying

Exercising does two fantastic things that will later help you on the plane. Firstly, it releases endorphins, which will reduce the stress or anxiety you may have towards flying. Secondly, it will energise you for the long walk between the security checks and your gate. It can also help prepare you for a better sleep on the plane later.

2. Choose a seat that is closest to the wing

Planes, especially large international ones, act like seesaws in the wind. As such, if you place yourself in the middle (by the wings) you’ll feel less turbulence. 

3. Keep hydrated

You will feel less stressed if your body is well hydrated but the atmosphere in a pressurised aeroplane cabin has a dehydrating effect. Make sure you drink plenty of water, avoid coffee and sugary drinks. Applying hand, face and lip cream regularly can also help. 

4. Meditate

A very successful way to reduce stress while flying is to close your eyes, focus on your meditation breathing and relaxing your body. Wearing sound cancelling headphones with relaxation music can really help this process.

5. Regular movement

It is important not to stay seated or completely still for too long whilst on the plane, otherwise you will become stiff and sore. You also increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Walk the length of the aisle a few times during the trip.  While seated lift your heels and then your toes up and down regularly. There is usually enough space near the toilets to do a good stretch too.

6. Choose luggage that is easy to spot

It’s near impossible to spot a large black suitcase amongst the sea of similar bags. Reduce your post flight stress by selecting a unique, colourful piece that will stand out. Otherwise, use colourful luggage tags and belts to easily identify which piece is yours.

7. Focus on the destination

Whilst you may not enjoy the flying experience, it is important to focus on the end outcome. Think about the reason you have chosen to fly and all the great experiences you will have when you arrive.