Gentle exercise for beginners

Gentle exercise is important, whether you’ve just started your health journey or you’ve been on your journey for a while. Staying active combined with eating well is crucial to every health journey. The beauty of exercise is that it comes in many shapes and styles and there is something out there for everyone.

Gentle exercise is a crucial part of any wellness journey and should be incorporated into your regular routine. Here are some helpful tips to get moving…

It’s easy to take walking for granted as a form of exercise, but never underestimate the power of walking! Adding extra steps into your day can have great health benefits. Try to include more walking into your daily routine by taking the stairs, walking to the shops or going for a quick walk on your lunch break.

It’s no secret that we are big advocates of yoga here at Hopewood. Yoga is a particularly good exercise for beginners as it assists in body movements and improves flexibility (which in turn helps with harder exercise in the future). For beginners, we advise finding a beginners class to attend in order to see and interact with an instructor to ensure poses are being performed correctly. Start off with gentle stretching and simple yoga poses before building up to harder poses as you progress.

Recreational swimming is a low-impact workout that is great for both physical and mental health. Swimming gets your whole body moving, can strengthen your muscles, improve your cardiovascular health, and turn back the aging clock. It’s a sport for all ages and getting started is easy! So grab your swimmers, goggles, find a pool and dive in!

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