Hydrate and feel great

It’s amazing how much better we feel when we eat good food, drink plenty of water, make time to relax, breathe some fresh air and do regular exercise.

Drinking water keeps your body hydrated and moisturised from the inside out. It’s also an ideal way to ease your body into healing itself naturally.

Water fasting therapy is often considered the most effective manner to increase elimination of waste and enhance the healing process of the body. Water fasting is not the same as starvation. Unlike fasting, starvation is a process in which the body uses essential tissue for fuel, when not eating. Water fasting spares essential tissue (vital organs) while utilising nonessential tissue (primary fatty issue but also adhesions and swelling etc.) for fuel. You can read more about the benefits of water fasting here.

The statistics, from Water Logic Australia show:

“80% of Australians live in a chronic state of dehydration”

“78% of parents are worried their children are not drinking enough water while at school”

“if you are involved in a sport or form of exercise, dehydration can reduce your performance up to 25% in hot dry conditions”

What are some of the links to dehydration?

Mood swings
Foggy or reduced memory
Difficulty concentrating

Dry skin
Bad breath
Muscle Cramps

Tips to prevent thirst
1. Have a glass of water when you wake up
2. Keep a jug of water on your desk or near you during the day
3. Set a reminder on your phone to keep hydrated
4. Dress it up a little by adding a slice of lemon, lime or mint to your water
5. Burst some bubbles and make your own soda water with Sodastream, a fun and different way to keep hydrated and a great way to get the kids involved.

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