Hydration hacks: Five easy ways to consume more water

Studies have found 80% of Australian adults suffer chronic dehydration, drinking on average 1.29ml per day. This is well below what leading health organisations recommend which is 2.5ml for men and 2.0ml for women

Despite the fact that we all know about the importance of drinking water and keeping hydrated, many of us are going about our day significantly below healthy hydration levels.

So, what can we do to make sure we’re consuming enough water to achieve optimal wellbeing? Here we are sharing five easy hacks to keep you hydrated and happy all day long!

1. Routine: Drink one glass of water as soon as you get up out of bed. By doing this each morning, it will be a habit in no time. Sticking to this healthy ritual will help set you up for a day of positive and healthy choices.

2. Drink it: Sounds obvious, but hydration doesn’t have to just mean still water. Sparkling water or non-caffeinated teas can still have hydrating benefits. For something extra fancy, you could always try beverages like coconut water or watermelon water (these do contain higher amounts of sugar, but also include enhanced hydrating benefits).

3. Eat it: Try consuming more water-dense fruits and vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, lettuce and melons. These foods in particular are great to add to your glass of water – add a slice of cucumber and mint!

4. Ice, ice: Mix things up by simple pureeing foods like cucumber, ginger, berries and pineapple. Place the puree into icetrays and once they are frozen add these to your still or sparkling water for a slow infusing, hydrating and tasty beverage.

5. Accessorise: Choose drinking accessories that will get you excited about drinking! Choose a few different water bottles for each key location that you spend most of your time, like your work desk, car, bedside table and fridge. Try a tea infuser to make your drinking experience a little more fun, plus getting one with a lid will be great to use when you’re on the go. Soda streams are also a great accessory to lift your ordinary water experience!

By implementing any one of these five hacks, you will be maintaining a healthy hydration level in no time, ensuring that you are maintaining and supporting your wellness goals!

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