Wellness at the new workplace

Whether working from home or office, endless hours of sitting, computer screens, working through lunch breaks and eating at the desk have become too commonplace. It’s no surprise corporate wellness programs are in hot demand throughout workplaces – face to face and online.

Wellness programs boost productivity, reduce stress, and increase employee engagement, creativity and communication. But what exactly are they?

Workplace wellness can be defined as any workplace health promotion, program, activity or policy designed to support healthy employee behaviour.

There are many ways to implement wellness in the workplace – from flexible working hours and on-site medical care, to standing desks and lunchtime mindfulness or yoga sessions. Including mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating, regular breaks, open and safe communication, has been proven to enhance emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the capacity to manage distressing emotions more effectively. It also delivers measurable benefits such as, reduced stress, lower blood pressure, improved memory, less depression and anxiety.

A calmer, happier workspace increases team innovation and creativity which can directly impact the business bottom line too. If you are responsible for staff, there are plenty of ways to proactively implement powerful changes in your workplace to create a better experience for all – why not try some of the options listed below?

  • Encourage staff to leave their desks for lunch – and take the entire hour to enjoy some personal time
  • Negotiate corporate discounts for health club memberships
  • Encourage them to interact with their pets during the day
  • Send ‘well done’ gifts of indoor plants
  • Host online and face to face meetings outside
  • Ask your staff to suggest ideas for their workplace that would ease stress and anxiety.

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