Ways to learn more on the go

Are you wanting to learn new things but don’t know how to fit it into your busy life? While books are great for learning, they’re not interactive, flexible or portable.

There are other learning options designed to make the process more enjoyable, entertaining and accessible and to help you stay engaged while learning at your own pace.

Here are some ways you can learn on the go:

Listen to podcasts
Podcasts are great to listen to, especially when you’re commuting, waiting for an appointment or doing housework. They cover a variety of topics such as lifestyle and health, society and culture, travel and technology. You can get tips and advice ranging from beauty to career development to training your pet. Whatever your interest, you’re likely to find a podcast about it.

Watch documentaries
Instead of picking a movie to watch on the weekend, why not pick a documentary? Most streaming services have a dedicated category for documentaries that explore a range of issues, themes, events and people – you can get insights into how our food is produced, what it was like to live in the past and the personal journeys of musicians, politicians, philosophers, scientists and athletes.

Online courses
There are several websites that offer a selection of online courses. Generally, they teach you concepts through a combination of video and written content, help you to apply the learning through exercises and quizzes, and allow you to interact and learn from others through discussion forums or groups. Some websites have free courses, while others require users to pay to enrol in the course or to receive a certificate of completion. Other websites require users to pay a subscription fee to access their courses.

These tools can help you to broaden your mind and understanding, no matter how much time you have.

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