Most of us are at the mercy of constant deadlines and appointments and need to schedule everything just to make sure it all gets done. We rush from one thing to the next. We’re already thinking about the next thing before we’ve finished what we’re doing.

How often do you truly immerse yourself in what you’re doing? We can all get caught up in the busyness of our lives and forget to give ourselves time to just be.

Walking is not only a wonderful way to get moving, it also offers a great opportunity to take some quality time just for ourselves.

Rather than setting a time limit, go for a walk and see where it takes you. Take the pressure off. Just enjoy the walk. By taking your time, breathing deeply, letting your mind wander, you can become more aware of what’s around you. Not only can this make you feel calmer, it can also help you become more present and mindful.

We often tend to be creatures of habit and stick with what’s familiar. You may tend to follow the same walking route or visit the same trails. Why not explore something new?

It could be as simple as walking on the other side of road or going a different way down the street. Exploring new paths can help us take notice of all the amazing things around us and increase our sense of wonder and gratitude. It can open your heart and mind to new ideas and opportunities.

Going for a walk can improve our mood and mental state. For some of us, walking can provide a welcome distraction from our thoughts and help us focus on the present moment. For others, it can be a time to think and reflect which can help us to work through problems and give us a new sense of clarity or purpose.

Instead of just walking to get your steps in, walk mindfully to improve your wellbeing.