Connection rituals

Connecting with others is extremely important for our wellbeing. We all want to feel a sense of love and belonging. Social connection can reduce anxiety, boost self-esteem, and increase happiness.

An important part of cultivating strong and meaningful relationships is investing time. When we’re busy, we may find we spend less time socialising and connecting with the important people in our lives. Not only can this make us feel disconnected and lonely, but it may mean we’re missing out on lots of wonderful experiences that can enhance our lives.

Establishing connection rituals can ensure you connect with your loved ones on a regular basis and strengthen your relationships. It can give you something to look forward to and help you keep to your commitments, regardless of how busy your schedule gets.

The best kind of connection rituals are those that are important to both you and your loved ones. For example, you and your partner may like watching the same TV show, or you may share a hobby with a friend. Make it something you can all enjoy. And it’s important to give your full attention. So, if need be, put your phone.

Here are some connection rituals you could establish with the different people in your life.


  • Give them a hug or kiss before they leave
  • Talk to them every evening about their day and how they are
  • Schedule a weekly date night
  • Go on a romantic getaway every few months


  • Eat one meal together every day
  • Organise an annual family trip
  • Have a family dinner with your extended family every few months


  • Take a walk together every week
  • Go to a café or restaurant every few weeks
  • Have a movie night every month
  • Start a social sports team
  • Organise a trip away once a year

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