Self-care day

Today is International Self-Care Day! Take some time to focus on yourself and prioritise your wellbeing. Self-care looks different for every person and is any activity that helps you fee calm, confident or content. We have some self-care activities you can do to make the most of the day.


Catch the sunrise (or sunset)

If you’re up early enough, watching the sunrise can be a powerful way to start your day. It’s a visual reminder that it’s the beginning of a brand-new day.


Do some gentle stretching

Moving your body not only helps with your physical wellbeing but mental health too. Incorporating gentle stretching or yoga into your daily selfcare routine can be very beneficial.


Start a new book

It can be easy to leave books to the side until we get the chance to make a dent in them. Take some time to read a few pages or chapters and take your mind off everything else.


Cook or order in your favourite meal

Many of us follow a routine with our meals and end up cooking the same thing. Treat yourself with something you have been craving and really enjoy the meal.


Explore a museum or art gallery

A day of culture can be a fantastic way to feel reconnected and inspired. Head to your local museum or art gallery or explore somewhere new. The best part is most museums and art galleries have free exhibitions.


Enjoy treating yourself!

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