Ways to make your beauty routine more sustainable

Small changes in your beauty routine can make a difference to your environmental impact. Every little bit helps and reducing our consumption and the number of items we throw away is a great place to start.


Here are our tips to reduce your impact on the planet:

Look for sustainable beauty packaging

The beauty industry relies heavily on the use of plastic for packaging, and while it can be recycled it does contribute to the ever-growing problem of plastic waste. Look for products packaged in glass, aluminium or even sugarcane.


Recycle your empties

Once you’ve finished your beauty product, be conscious and considerate about how you dispose of them. Separate materials and check the label to see the best way to dispose of your container. Some brands such as Lush offer initiatives to reuse your packaging, so check if your products are eligible.


Try reusable makeup wipes

Traditional makeup wipes are single use and often made of synthetic materials like polyester and plastic. Making the switch to a reusable or biodegradable option to remove your makeup at the end of the day is much more sustainable.


Use up what you have

Before you go out and buy new makeup or skincare, even if you are making the switch to more eco-friendly products, use up what you have. This will ensure you are not creating unnecessary waste.


Reduce consumption

The saying less is more is also true when it comes to our beauty routines. Think about what products you need and if there are products that can be used for more than one purpose.  The fewer items you have, the less you will have to dispose of which is a win for the planet.

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