Travelling as a vegetarian

Travelling as a vegetarian

Are you travelling somewhere new and wondering how this could impact your vegetarian lifestyle? We have some great tips to ensure that embracing your vegetarian diet when you’re away from home doesn’t become a hassle.


Do some research

There are so many travel resources online. Look into vegetarian options before you leave and you might discover some fantastic vegetarian retreats and restaurants you would never have found otherwise. Some research may also allow you to discover what vegetarian specialities exist where you are going.


Learn the local language

If you’re travelling overseas to a country where English is not the first language, it’s a great idea to find out the words for ‘vegetarian’ and your favourite vegetarian dishes or ingredients. This will make it easier to discover vegetarian restaurants, find menu items and shop if you are cooking for youreself.


Carry backup supplies

It’s always useful to carry some healthy snacks such as muesli bars and fruit, just in case finding a suitable place to eat becomes difficult.


Happy travelling!

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