Finding calm

Over thinking happens to the best of us and sometimes it feels as though we just can’t get out of our own head. If your mind is jumping from one thing to another, seeking distraction or avoiding difficulty, achieving clarity of thought can become a problem.

Finding stillness in a hectic world can feel impossible. When you notice your mind racing or find more distractions in your surroundings, take a minute out of every day and try to do the following:

1. Sit still
2. Look away from electronic devices and at something still and peaceful (perhaps a painting, a vase of flowers or a bowl of fish)
3. Take a minute to assess how you feel in this place and time
4. Stay with these feelings and try not to be judgemental about them or over analyse why you might feel a certain way
5. Bring attention to your body and notice how it might be feeling
6. Find gratitude in the moment
7. Breathe deeply for another moment and relax.

When you return to the task at hand you should feel a little refreshed and more ready to apply your concentration.

If you repeat this exercise several times a day you should become calmer and more efficient.

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