At home workouts to fight the winter blues

As difficult as it may be to find the motivation to exercise during the colder months, our bodies and minds still need exercise all year round.

Keep in mind the advantages of exercising in the comfort of your very own home!

1. Flexibility
Home workouts allow you the flexibility to create your own timetable and fit around your personal commitments. If the unexpected interrupts your schedule, you can easily amend your fitness program to suit.

2. Comfort
Training at home offers enhanced comfort in terms of the choice of music, exercise breaks, rehydrating and your own post-workout shower!

3. Privacy
If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable training alongside complete strangers, training at home is a great option.

4. Focus and pace
You can focus better on your own pace and strength limits at home without noise and other distractions that can often be found in a gym.

5. Workout duration
Training at home will eliminate your travel time, so you’ll be able to benefit from a longer, harder workout to achieve greater results.

6. Technique
Exercising at home is more convenient in the short term, but you’ll also be able to concentrate on your technique more thoroughly to improve in the long term.

7. Music
Whether it be a podcast, music or simply listening to the radio, the choice is completely yours!

When making the commitment to workout at home, we recommend you define and set up your workout area in a safe location that will allow you enough space to exercise comfortably. Typical locations for home workouts include spare bedrooms, studies, family rooms, rumpus rooms and even garages.

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