Bike Riding Grows Momentum

Bike riding is on the move. It’s affordable, easy to do and can involve the whole family. Bike riding improves your cardiovascular health, joint mobility and muscle strength. Even better, the benefits of biking are not only physical, they are also mental. Studies show regular biking reduces anxiety and depression.

Make a time to ride Whether it is first up in the morning or replacing a drive to work or a friend’s place with a ride – make riding your bike a routine so it becomes a new habit. That way it will happen more automatically.

Family bike rides A fantastic spring outing is a family bike ride. Whether it’s around the lake, on a mountain trail or to your local park, bike riding is a wonderful way to get your family together for some active fun. We are lucky to have a wealth of bike trails safe for all the family – check online for one closest to you.

Don’t overdo it While exercise can help strengthen the immune system, extended strenuous workouts can have the opposite effect, particularly for the 24 or so hours after. And remember to follow hygiene guidelines including washing your hands after the ride.

So, this spring, why not bring your bike out with you and go for a ride.

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