Creating a wellness space at home

Looking after our mental wellbeing is so important. Creating a space in the home that is dedicated to rejuvenating our minds is a great idea. We have come up with some tips to get you started and what you could include:

A quiet corner

All you need is a space large enough to sit quietly and relax. Perhaps it will include your favourite lounge chair or bean bag. It might look out to a view, or a courtyard, or your favourite pot plants. Perhaps the wall in this corner has your favourite painting or photograph. Whatever works for you and encourages your mindfulness – this should be the place you go to connect with yourself – to relax, read, do yoga or meditate.     


Diffuser’s have become very popular in recent years and there are so many types available. Choosing the right one is a personal preference, but we find mist diffusers are a fantastic edition to any room. Having a scent that you associate with relaxation can help your mind switch off and get in the zone. 

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat, whilst simple provides a comfortable space to sit, stretch and unwind during meditation. They are easy to store away and provide additional padding, rather than completing your mindfulness activities straight on the floor. 

Bluetooth speaker

Music or a soundtrack to follow along with can help your meditation. A bluetooth speaker is a great portable option for indoor or outdoor settings.


Reflection is a crucial part of mindfulness and building our mental strength. Journaling and writing down our thoughts and feelings can allow us to reflect and better understand how we feel. This can be a great way to let go and focus on creating new goals. 

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