Making exercise enjoyable

There is nothing worse than when exercise becomes a chore, something we feel we must do, rather than something we look forward to. We have some great tips to reignite your passion for movement and to make exercise enjoyable.

Add variety

It’s never too late to try something new. Variety can add so much excitement to an exercise routine. Maybe you want to visit a yoga studio, try a dance class, participate in water sports or join a sports team. Learning new activities can make you laugh and it will also release endorphins. You may end up finding a new passion and meet some fantastic people along the way. 

Find an exercise buddy

Having an exercise buddy is sure to make exercising more enjoyable. It’s a simple but effective way to add motivation to a routine. It can keep you both accountable whilst adding a social element to your fitness program. Perhaps you will commit to an early morning walk each week, go to the gym together or visit a new fitness class. 

Build a music playlist

Music can be the difference between a fun workout and one that drags. Create a motivating playlist which may include some good singalongs or upbeat tunes you can move to as you exercise. Don’t forget to include some slower music for your warm up and cool down too. 

Don’t compare yourself 

One of the biggest mistakes we can make when exercising is comparing ourselves to those around us. We must remember everyone is on their own individual fitness journey. Everyone takes time to build up to the next level. It can be motivating to see what other people are achieving, but we can’t let a negative mindset creep in to pull ourselves down. Making time to exercise each day is an achievement in itself. 

Have fun and be proud of your progress!

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