Improving posture

We all know good posture is important. However, it can be much easier said than done. We have some tips to help improve your posture in your everyday life that will have you feeling stronger and make a big difference.

But first, what is posture? Posture refers to how you sit or stand. Good posture is when your body is positioned correctly, and the weight is evenly balanced meaning your bones, muscles and ligaments aren’t overstretched or strained. This does not mean you need to be stiff, but rather you should feel loose and flexible, with your back straight, head up, tummy in, weight balanced evenly and knees straight.

Tips to improve posture:

  • Exercise regularly – even a brisk walk each day can do wonders for your general health and posture.
  • Try yoga and pilates to strengthen the muscles in your core. 
  • Practice standing tall by straightening your spine, moving shoulders down and breathing in.
  • Avoid sitting in a hunched position at work and move around regularly.
  • Lift your phone up and move your eyes instead of your head.
  • Wear flat and comfortable shoes.

These tips can easily be incorporated into your day to day life. You’ll feel the benefits of improving your posture.

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