Pick me up juices

Pick me up juices

We know a busy festive season can leave you feeling quite exhausted! Fresh juices, in addition to a healthy balanced diet, can provide a much needed ‘pick me up’.

Below are a few of our favourite juice recipes:

Chlorophyll juices-

The following recipes contain chlorophyll which can be made by juicing any green leaves (e.g. lettuce, celery, spinach, endive, parsley, wheatgrass)

1. Apple and Chlorophyll Juice:

Apple is a natural multi-purpose vitamin and mineral source. It has a high level of Vitamin B and acts as a good support for the nervous system. 

To make 120mls of apple and chlorophyll Juice, combine 60mls of freshly juiced apple with 30mls of juiced chlorophyll and 30mls of water. 

2. Carrot, Chlorophyll and Beetroot Juice

Beetroot is a good source of iron and it helps support the blood system. 

To make 120mls of carrot, chlorophyll and beetroot juice, combine 25mls of juiced beetroot, 40mls of juiced carrots, 25mls of juiced chlorophyll and 30mls of water.

These juices are great energy boosters so are not recommended at night. Eleven in the morning is an ideal time for a ‘pick me up’. 

Grapefruit Juice-

Grapefruit is a great source of vitamin C. It also helps insomnia so it’s good to have at night.

To make 120mls of grapefruit juice, combine 60mls of juiced grapefruit to 60mls of warm water.

Pear Juice-

Pear juice is low reactive and ideal for people prone to allergies. It’s a natural diuretic and provides a strong cleanse for the body. To make 120mls of pear juice, use 90mls juiced pear and add 30ml of water. 

HINT: crush ginger into the vegetable juices to assist metabolism.   

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