Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to enjoy exercising outside all year round. Yes, even in the coldest of winter months! It’s important to make sure you wear plenty of thin layers, rather than a few thick ones. This way, when you warm up as you exercise, you can slowly take off layers. This will prevent you from being too exposed to the cold and will allow you to warm up slowly.

Warming up and cooling down too quickly can weaken your immune system and may increase your chances of developing a cold. Try to wear the following layers to keep your immune system strong during your winter exercise sessions:

1. The base layer

This includes undergarments and the first layer of clothing. Ideally, these will be made of natural materials that breathe such as bamboo. To prevent your skin from having direct contact with the cold air, they should sit as closely to your skin as possible.

2. The insulating layer

You should always try to wear clothing that has insulating qualities in winter. These help to trap warm air close to your skin to keep you from getting too cold. Common insulation materials include wool and fleece, which also naturally keep water away from your skin.

3. The protective layer

This outer layer is most important during the beginning and end of your sessions. It acts like a shell around your body to keep out wind and rain. Often in winter, it is not the outside temperature, but the icy wind that will really cool you down.

Additionally, it is a good idea to wear some warm gloves and a hat, to stop your body heat from escaping via your extremities.