Prioritise yourself

It can be easy to get so caught up with life we forget to prioritise ourselves. This is actually very important, especially for our mental health. Taking some time each day to reflect and clear your mind can do wonders for overall wellbeing and will allow you to be more focused on other tasks.


  1. Going for a solo walk

Choose a favourite walking spot and focus on the nature around you. Try not to let other thoughts creep in. Be present and focused on what you are doing at that moment. Concentrate on your breath and listen to the sounds around you. You may even decide to listen to a meditation to really clear your mind as you walk.

  1. Switching off your phone

Phones are a major distraction that can cause us to never completely disconnect from the world around us. Have at least an hour each day that is completely phone free. Spend this time doing activities that are good for our mental health like reading, yoga and gardening.

  1. Treating yourself

When was the last time you treated yourself? We all deserve to feel special and are allowed to spend money or time on things that make us feel good. Maybe you want to get a massage, bake a yummy treat or go shopping.

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