Transform the way you meditate

Whether you are just beginning to practice, or have been practicing for years, mediation is a fantastic way to relax and focus the mind and body. Regardless of how often you meditate, here are some tips on how to enhance your practice.


  1. Prepare the body for meditation


Sometimes it can be difficult to stay centred and motionless. If your body is restless and uneasy, ease yourself into meditation. Focus on a few gentle yoga poses to slowly calm your body, before starting meditation.


  1. Create a space


Even if your home is small, it is good to have a specific area for meditation. Set aside a corner and make sure it is clear of any clutter. If you like, put up some pictures that inspire you. Remember, these will be the last things you look at before closing your eyes. If your floors are wooden or stone, place a rug or pillow down to make yourself comfortable.


  1. Let go of what you think meditation is


It is important to realise that cannot recreate the same experience from a past meditation session. Each day is different and full of new challenges. Let the meditation session take you wherever it decides to and enjoy the way it unfolds.


  1. Remember each day is unique


Remind yourself that everyone has off days, and that mediation is no different. You may experience an energising, powerful session one day, while your mind may be dull and uninspired the next. It is important to realise that this is okay, and to be kind to yourself about your meditation. Some days will always be better than others.


  1. Take your meditation with you


When you have been practising meditation for a while, it is easy to allot a specific time to your session and leave it at that. When you have finished your meditation session, do not stand up immediately. Take a moment. Stay seated for a while, before slowly opening your eyes and moving your body. Enjoy your session and try to carry that feeling with you for the rest of the day.

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