Cosy up with this spiced tea recipe

Feeling the winter blues? Why not pop the stove on and make this simple spiced tea recipe, cosy up on the couch and relax as you breath in the delicious scent of healing herbs.

• 2 medium oranges
• 1 medium lemon
• 4 cardamom pods
• 4 whole cloves
• 4 teaspoons of your favourite tea leaves
• 4 cups boiling water

1. Using a citrus zester, remove peel from oranges and lemon in long narrow strips. Place the strips of peel, cardamom and cloves in a large bowl. With the end of a wooden spoon handle, crush the mixture until aromas are released.
2. Add tea leaves and boiling water. Cover and steep for a few minutes.
3. Strain tea, discarding the peel mixture.
4. Enjoy immediately.

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