Glute exercises for beginners

Are glute exercises a part of your exercise regime? The glute muscles are involved in so many everyday movements and help to keep our body in the correct alignment. It’s important to strengthen them so they can function at their best. This will improve your mobility and make it easier to perform everyday activities.

Here are some simple exercises to strengthen your glutes:

1. Glute bridges
Lay on the floor with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Ensure your feet are hip width apart and your arms are flat on the floor at your sides. Lift your pelvis up and squeeze your butt. When you reach the top, hold the position for a few seconds then slowly lower your hips back down to the floor.

2. Reverse lunge
Position your feet hip width apart. Step your right leg backwards and lower your torso. Keep your chest upright, hips straight and front heel on the floor as you lower. When both knees form 90 degree angles, push through your front heel and squeeze your glutes as you rise back into a standing position.

3. Squat
Position your feet shoulder width apart. Bend at the knees and lower your body down. Ensure that your knees stay over your toes as you lower. When your thighs are parallel to the floor, push back up to a standing position – aim to push through your heels. Your heels shouldn’t lift off the floor – if they do, don’t go down as low.

4. Step up
Find a step or platform that is stable and about knee height. Lead with your right foot and step up onto it, then step back down. Then lead with your left foot as you Hstep up. Alternate the leading leg for each step.

5. Hip abductions
You’ll either need to attach a pulley to a cable machine or place a resistance band around the leg of chair. Stand next to the cable machine or chair and lace the ankle furthest away into the pulley or the other end of the resistance band. Lift this leg off the floor and move it out to the side then back in. It is best to do this movement slowly. You may need to hold onto something to keep your balance.

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