Outdoor yoga

Make the most of the warmer weather by taking your yoga practice outside. With the sun and blue skies around you, you’ll enjoy your practice even more. Here are a few tips and tricks to improving your yoga practice, when outside: 


Seek some shade

Nothing will distract you more than catching the sun in your eyes. Plus, as you start to do more strength-based yoga, you’re likely to get too hot if you are in direct sunlight. Find a nice relaxing spot in the shade and enjoy your practice there. 


Look for a view

This can make such a difference, particularly if your main purpose for doing yoga is to achieve relaxation. Find a spot by a body of water or with a peaceful view of nature, it will heighten your yoga experience. 


Leave your mat at home

If you can find a nice grassy area, there’s no reason to bring your mat with you. You won’t need the extra cushioning, and it will be nice to feel the grass beneath your hands and feet as you practice. 


Take a jumper

As you cool down toward the end of your practice, and especially if you want to meditate or relax afterwards, it’s important to have another clothing layer handy. Your body temperature can drop quite rapidly after your body cools down, and in spring it might not be warm enough to stay without a jumper for too long. 


Pack a book

Once you’ve completed your yoga practice, and are feeling particularly relaxed, you may want to enjoy spending some quiet time just absorbing your natural surroundings. There may be no need for you to rush back up and onto the next task. It will be nice to stay in a relaxed state in the fresh air for a little longer while you read a book.

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