Spring fitness ideas

Now the weather is warming up and the days are slowly becoming longer, why not get outside and enjoy the lighter nights and beautiful temperatures? In spring, it’s a great idea to do your fitness outside. Here are some of the exercises you can do outside:


Water sports

Have you ever tried stand up paddle boarding? What about Kayaking? These are both great ways to enjoy the warmer spring weather. Plus, you don’t actually have to be in the water to enjoy it. This is ideal for spring when lakes and rivers may still be too cool for a swim. 


Long walks and hikes

Spring is the perfect month for hiking, the temperature has warmed up but it’s not too hot for a strenuous adventure on foot. Remember to pack a light jumper, because it might be colder at the end of your walk. 


Bike riding

Bike riding can be miserable in winter when the air is strong and cold against you. However, spring is the perfect season for it. Riding on days with clear blue skies and cool air will be invigorating. 


Fun runs

Whether you have been running all winter or are just interested in trying to run this spring, fun runs are perfect at this time of year. They are for all fitness levels and are usually fairly short (from 3-5km in distance). 


Outdoor yoga and tai chi

Find a lovely quiet spot in nature and practice your favourite yoga or Tai Chi routine outside during spring. Breathing fresh air and enjoying some gentle sunshine will really boost the wellbeing you feel from this style of exercise.



As the outdoor pools start to re-open, why not get back into swimming? The pools won’t yet be overcrowded, and the colder water will ensure you don’t sweat too much at the end of the swim. Plus, it will encourage you to swim faster, so you’ll warm up more quickly.

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