Spring health tips

As the weather starts to warm up, and the season starts to change, spring can bring around its own health risks. To stay healthy this season, pay particular attention to the following tips:


Hydration is key

It’s important to increase your water intake as the temperatures increase. Every system in your body requires water to function optimally. As the weather gets hotter so does your body, so your body will naturally lose more of this water. Try to drink at least two litres a day. 


Reduce stress

As the latter half of the year creeps forward, it’s possible you will start to feel more stressed from a lack of downtime. This spring, make sure to unwind and relax every now and then. Go on longer walks, read a new book or have a relaxing bath. 


Sunshine for vitamin D

Since the days are starting to get longer, there is more opportunity to spend time in the sun. Our bodies need vitamin D and we are often slightly deficient in it after winter. Vitamin D can improve your immune system, nutritional absorption, sleep, energy and bone health. Try and get out into the gentle spring sunshine to soak up some vitamin D, but don’t forget sun protection!


Get enough sleep

Even though the days are getting brighter and longer, it’s still important to get plenty of sleep. Getting enough sleep will help your body to repair and regenerate itself. As the new season starts, make sure you are well rested and allotting enough time for a good night’s sleep.

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